My name is Halime, I am from Van, I am 22 years old, I’ve been coming to work and study at the "Life Center" since I was 8 years old.

I have two older brothers. My father passed away this year.

I do handicrafts, you know, I make things for wedding sets –  nevresim - and I sell them.

I like to sew and make kilims. I like them both, but I know how to do kilims best.

With the money I earn I take care of the household necessities.

I love fashion! And I love to shop – of course if I have  any money! We aren’t allowed to go to town to shop but there is an outdoor market here once a week.

My day is spent here or at our house. We can’t really go anywhere. If there’s a wedding I can go there… I get up at 5:30 in the morning…. I’ve never watched TV.

 If there were one thing in life I could change, I would have my freedom.

A person can’t do what they want to do…. Our society is like that…

We don’t have permission to do things…  For example, like I went once to town, and they mocked me… “Oh you went into town, you must have found work for yourself somewhere else.” Like, I know how to sew… I could go to town and get a job and make better money, but our people won’t let that happen…” They make fun of me….

I would have changed much in my life but… I’m uneducated.

I have learned to read and write here…but I didn’t go to school. If I could I would have studied and would study outside – get an education.