I am Elif, I am 21 years old. I was not able to go to school. But I have done a reading and writing course at the "Life Center."

My father was married twice. We are 13 people. I am the oldest girl. Our economic situation is not good. We need to create some work here, to get some orders. To open a shop out of here, so that we can be of support to our families…

I like to sew and knit the most. My favorite colors are red, green and yellow –

but most of all lilac.

From my heart my greatest dream is to make my family happy, to contribute to their lives.

Most of the neighbors here don’t even let the girls come to the course! It’s like that you know…

My family is different. Sometimes you look at others: They went to school, they are educated etc. and you look at yourself and wonder why not you? But at least God gave us this: We are happy with our family, if they are behind us, we are secure and that’s enough.